3 SEO Tips for Escort Websites

When you work as an escort, you are dealing with a great deal of competition, which means your website has to stand out to make an impact. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) and escorts web design is so important, and the best course of action is to hire a professional for help. The following factors play a large role in how well your escort site will rank.


Valuable Links

The top SEO strategy for ranking escort websites is being listed in escort directories and the exchange of links. If you are new to the industry, this will put your site at a disadvantage because the top spots in the search engines are all reserved. A common tactic is to get a large number of backlinks in the directories. It is best practice to have one high-quality link than to have numerous poor-quality links from directories that do not update very often.


Quality Content

Another common technique is creating content that includes the city, state and country where the escort works and other important keywords. A better approach is to post engaging, long-form articles that have a personal touch. The current Google algorithms like content that is 2,000 words or longer. While it may take up to three months to see results, long-form content that utilizes longtail keywords related to your business and specialties will pay off with a good ranking. This will put your business ahead in the race because so many escort websites either do not have a blog or do not optimize their blogs for SEO. Remember to use longtail keywords that are not obvious, such as “Paris escorts” or “escorts in London.” Make the keywords directly relate to your niche and not necessarily what people might be searching for.

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Good Design

A valuable point about web design is that it is not so much how it looks but how it works. Of course, you will want an attractive website that people will enjoy looking at while they learn more about your services. A pretty site does not mean much if it loads slowly and has unoptimized images and media content. The first step is to find a web host that allows for adult content. Next, hire a professional agency that will help you present your business in the best possible way while giving visitors a quality experience. WordPress is an excellent starting point because it can handle many different types of content. You will get a blog, pages and a media library to store all of your photos and videos. Another benefit of WordPress is the ease of design. You can choose a free theme to start out or have a design that is built especially for you and your unique business.

Whether you are just starting out in the escort business or have an established website, Escort SEO Company is ready and waiting to help you build the web presence of your dreams. Stop by the website and send a message to start the process.