Choosing Relevant Adult SEO Keywords

adult seo keywords
A major factor in the success of your adult website is search engine optimization (SEO). This is based on the phrases and keywords people use when they search for sites online. The goal is always top ranking on the first page of results because this brings your site organic traffic. The magic is in the keywords you choose, and you must select them carefully since adult websites are considered to be an alternative niche. The following explains how to choose the right keywords for your services.

Perspective on Keywords

The minute you set up your adult website, you are at a disadvantage in terms of ranking. The competition is fierce, and most adult sites are fighting for position using the same keywords. This is true across escort services, sex shops, cam girls and general pornography. The reality is you will not succeed by using obvious keyphrases, such as “buy sex toys” or “sex shop online.” They are simply too common for you to capitalize on them. A better approach is to take a new perspective on adult SEO service and carefully select long-tail keywords that are focused on specific pages of your website. This will help you to create a link-building strategy based on the focus of your business.

The Adult Niche

Another aspect to consider is the way people currently search for adult services and products. In years past, general search terms like “online porn” were common, but searches are now much more specific, like “mature lesbian porn” and “college girls webcam porn.” This also applies to services and products. Rather than just searching for “online escort services,” people will seek specific providers within certain regions. Adding a location to long-tail keywords and emphasizing why your products are different, such as free delivery, will allow you to experiment and find the phrases that work best for your website. Find your niche, create the right keywords and build your following.

adult seo

Why Long-tail Keywords Should be Focused

The adult business industry is highly competitive. There are millions of websites using similar keywords and conducting SEO to rank for it. Therefore, it’s obvious that the site or business that’s still in its infancy won’t get the necessary attention by targeting the high-volume short tail keywords as competitors are already ranking for it.

However, a professional can help to select long-tail keywords. Since the competition is comparatively lower for these keywords, your website will likely get the attention of customers. In addition, long-tail keywords include short keywords which means your site will possibly rank on those as well as your business gain some authority.

Create Compelling Content

A good keyword strategy should also include indirect search terms. These are phrases that are not directly related to your business but you can still capitalize on. Examples of this type of searching include phrases such as “preventing erectile dysfunction” and “making orgasms last longer.” It is helpful to remember that many people are looking for support and advice for their sexual lives, not just particular services and products. They turn to online sources because it is more discreet, and they can avoid the embarrassment of talking about it in their real lives. You should aim to provide a valuable portal for your target audience that is interesting, relevant and helpful.

Choosing the right adult SEO keywords can be challenging, especially if you are just starting out in the business or what you are currently doing is not working. The Escort SEO Company can help you to step back, take a good look at your business and create a keyword strategy that is just right for you. Please visit the website and send a message for a consultation.