Five Awesome Ways to Market Your Adult Escort Website


The adult entertainment business is highly competitive, and once you have your site online, you will likely post ads in escort directories. While this is an excellent first step to bring traffic to your site, you will need to do additional marketing to target the right audience and start making money. Engaging the services of an adult SEO service can help. In the meantime, the following five tips will give your web presence a boost.

Join the Right Forums

If you want your adult website to make a statement, you will need to join the right online forums. Go for quality and not quantity. Just because there are many weekly posts in a forum does not mean they are beneficial to you or will bring in the right clientele. The best approach is to find a community that matches the talents and specialties of your brand, especially if you are serving a small area. Make sure the forum allows you to post your website link, your current promotions and how people can contact you. Post messages that are attractive to potential clients and be involved with the conversation.

Build Personal Pages

Adult websites depend on personality and talent to establish an identity. This helps to build trust between escorts and clients. Having pages that introduce each escort and list their likes, dislikes and favorite things to do will help them connect to the right audience. Using photo galleries showing escorts in different activities is an excellent way to achieve this. In addition, every escort should build a social media profile that is separate from their personal identities where they can post videos and photos to attract more clients.

adult website videoPost Enticing Videos

Video now accounts for 75 percent of all traffic on the web. You can take advantage of this by posting videos of each escort’s specialties and the behind-the-scenes clips of photo shoots and other activities. Video allows potential clients to see how the escort moves and makes it more likely for them to hire services. While Instagram now allows for one-minute videos, people often watch for only a few seconds before moving on. This means those precious seconds must be used wisely to keep viewers watching and engaged.

Search Like Clients Do

All adult websites should include the most important keywords and search terms in metadata for Google, but local SEO must also be considered. This means that landmarks, train stations and individual neighborhoods are often included in searches for escort services. When you look for your business on search engines, take note of the other sites that are on the same page. Those are your closest competitors, and the ones you need to stand out from. Ensure that you are using the same keywords that they are and that your site                                                                                                         looks better and offers more information to draw in clients.

adult website linksTrade Quality Links

A unique approach to adult website marketing is reaching out to companies in different markets and asking about the online communities they are members of. If there is relevance, ask if you can trade links. Customer bases that travel have the potential to become clients and benefit your business.

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