How do I SEO my Fetish Services Website?

If you own an adult website and want the traffic needed to keep your business afloat, then fetish SEO is in your best interest. Search Engine Optimization SEO for fetish websites can take your online business to the next level. Did you know that SEO can move your business to a more favorable position within the rankings of search engine queries? With that being said, most people searching the internet today for a variety of adult fetishes and services will not go past the first page of the search engine results.

Factors for a Successful Fetish Website

fetish seoThere are several factors to consider when building and designing a website, especially in the adult niche category. From the initial design of your website to the image and page optimization and backlinks as well as a number of other key components; however, the most important factor is the SEO keywords you use. The only way your fetish website is going to make the first page is if Google deems your site worthy enough by its algorithm.

Navigating the world of Google’s algorithms and making your fetish site popular enough to be recognized by the Googlebot can be a challenge at best. This is where the professional services of an escort SEO company can help you to optimize your site and deem it popular enough to show up in the top search engine results. You can have the content coupled with a well-designed adult website, but without the right fetish SEO keywords, no one will ever find it.


The Top 10 Fetish Ranking Categories

When it comes to optimizing an adult website, keywords play a vital role for finding those who are typing them into search engines because literally speaking, these researchers are your potential sales. Below are the top 10 fetish categories that millions of people are currently searching for as we speak:

  1. BDSM
  2. Findom
  3. Foot Fetish
  4. Impact Play
  5. Anal Sex
  6. Role Playing
  7. Lingerie
  8. Voyeurism
  9. Group Sex
  10. Orgasm Control

How Fetish SEO Keywords Work

adult website seoThere are specifically two types of keywords: a short tail (single word) or long tail (2+ words) keyword that can be used to optimize your adult site. Adult SEO keywords are important because they contain phrases or words that describe what your adult content is about. Google, takes your keyword(s) and then uses that information to decide what relevant content matches your search query.

Proper keyword placement and density are both equally important because it tells Google where your page should rank for the specific fetish keywords that people are typing on their keyboards. In order to gain popularity in your adult niche, you should be using keywords in your website copy and blog posts as well as building backlinks from other authoritative sites within your respective adult category.


Get Your Fetish SEO Website Optimized

All of the SEO components above is what gives an adult website page its search ranking. Whether you’re trying to get a new fetish website off the ground or give an existing one a boost to the top of the page rankings? Escort SEO Company can help you get there in the shortest time possible. Contact us today, and get your sexual fetish SEO website optimized and the traffic it deserves.