How Often Should I be Updating my Adult Website

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It doesn’t matter where in the world your business is situated, you are still competing with many other adult businesses to win customers over. As a result of this, you would need to keep your website as engaging as possible with fresh and top-quality content to help your adult website SEO performance.

At this point, you might ask “How often should your website get Updated?” which is why we have put this article together.

How to go about Updating your Website

To answer the obvious question here, you need to:

Upload Content regularly

Upload ContentWhile there is no stipulated time frame on how often you can update your website, it is advised that your website gets updated with new content as often as 3 times a week. It’s even better if you can even do it every day but it’s better not to start on frequency if you know you can’t sustain it long term. There’s no limit to the number of content you can upload, so it’s all up to you to choose how many you would like to upload at a time.

Though we say new content matters but quality content matters even more. Web crawlers won’t index a site that offers useless content or jargon to its visitors. If such a site manages to get indexed, it’s only a matter of time before it is pushed down into the least shown search results which mean fewer visitors and this is bad for any business. To avoid churning out mediocre content, ensure that you don’t copy content from other pages and invest in giving your audience unique and relevant content.

Audit Your Website

auditingPutting out new content isn’t always the way to update your site, you also need to audit your website. Auditing your website means you are carefully cross-examining the content on your website, the structure of the content which includes inbound and outbound links, the linking of pages, duplicate content. Some other things to look out for while auditing your site are”

  • The loading time of your pages
  • Piracy
  • Wrong ad placement
  • Broken links
  • Empty pages

These are a few of those things that mess up the user experience for visitors of your website and if you can’t keep your visitors happy, then you can’t keep the web crawlers happy too. You should audit your website at least once or twice a month.

Check your Website Copy

website copyYes, you want your site to rank higher than other websites in your niche but you won’t get that by stuffing your website with keywords. Your visitors might not take note of this but search engines will and your site will be flagged and seen as being operated by a bot. Google hates bots, so you have to be really careful when using keywords.

When it comes to humans interacting with your website copy, you want to ensure that you keep your copies clear and concise. Many companies hire User experience writers to write their website’s copy because no one would read a full page of whatever you have to say a word for word. It is said that the average human has a short attention span of about 12 seconds which means you have a maximum of three minutes of reading time from the average user to get your points across and make an impression. If users find your page useful, the bounce rate of your site is kept at a minimum and this is good for your site’s health performance on Google.


Generally, search engines give special attention to websites that have updated content as often as possible. Therefore, if you want your websites to garner traffic and rank highly in search results, it is important to live by the rules of delivering quality and engaging content on your site as these are some of the foolproof ways to get the attention of web crawlers.

Google specifically loves unique content so you’ve got to be careful about plagiarising or having too much generic content on your website. Else, you run the risk of never making it to the top search results.

To round off, updating your website doesn’t always mean you are adding new content to your website, it could mean that you are fixing errors, readjusting the information architecture of your website, and filling loopholes like missing contact information or error states that visitors might encounter on your website. If all of this seems like too much work for you to do, you can hire the services of an escort SEO company to help with your escort web design.