Top Ways Escorts are making money in 2022

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As time passes by, people’s interests, likes, and dislikes change as people find new things that pique their fancy. When it comes to the Escort business, escorts usually have to be flexible enough to adapt to the changes in customers’ wants, needs, and demands.

Technology has brought about advancements and several money-making opportunities that only those who are smart and ready to work will have access to. One of the many blessings of technology is the internet despite scientists saying the full potential is yet to be unlocked, the internet has influenced our world in ways that could never have been imagined.

How escorts make money

As earlier discussed, escorts should be flexible enough to adapt to the changing desires of their clients. Being an escort in this time and age especially with the presence of the internet means you can use the internet to your advantage and gain access to billions of people all over the world. This brings us to discuss the several ways that escorts are making money in 2022, let’s dive in.

6 ways for Escorts to make money in 2022

All the ways that will be discussed in this section are foolproof ways to earn money as an escort in 2022. The only thing you would be needing in addition to your time is an uninterrupted internet connection, a willing mind, and good grammatical skills.

  • Live Cam:

    With the help of the hundreds of adult content streaming sites, you have access to a plethora of potential clients who are ready to splurge cash to watch you in real-time. It is important to know that many of these streaming sites will ask for a relatively small amount of money. Some demand that you pay before using their services while others would ask for a percentage of your gains on their site. After the money has been paid, you will be able to have access to all the features of their platform and start earning.

  • Sex Chatting:

    Also known as ‘Sexting’. Sexting is the exchange of flirty texts between the client and the escort. It could involve the sharing of multimedia like pictures and videos. The escort can decide to either reveal her face or remain anonymous until she feels comfortable enough to be real with the client.

    Although, you might not earn as much as you would if you were using a live cam. Still, the pay is decent and safe in cases where the escort chooses to withhold her personal identity.

    However, the main goal of the concerned escort is to ensure that he or she caters to the needs and desires of the client as and when due. Get them to be comfortable, learn what they enjoy or dislike, and deal with them accordingly.

  • Snapchat:

    Not many people know that it is possible to monetize your Snapchat which is why we have added it to this list.

    Snapchat is a very popular social media platform that allows you to post short clips or pictures of yourself. It also allows you to send disappearing media content to your friends. This means that any media content you send while chatting will disappear from the chat after a while.

    One reason why Snapchat is worthy enough to be considered is because of how intent it is on privacy. With Snapchat, you know who has your media, if screenshots of your posts are taken, you will know and be able to track such a person if things ever go south.

    All you need to do is package your product, set a high price, and watch the money flow into your account.

  • Whatsapp:

    Although, Whatsapp does not support the sale or use of adult content on their Whatsapp Business platform. This rule doesn’t affect your personal account which means you can engage your clients as much as you want to. However, if you will be making use of this platform, you must ensure that you already have a well-established payment process.

  • Escort Marketing:

    This is usually carried out by escort agencies or companies. It is the use of paid ads online to attract clients. When escort agencies place such ads, it has a wider reach that guarantees a steady inflow of clients. To use this method, it is important to consult the services of an Escort SEO company to ensure that the ads are optimized and strategically placed by search engines. If ad placement is bad, it ruins the whole point of marketing in the first place, which is that it is important that caution is exercised when using this method.

  • Make Adult videos:

    Of course, this is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable doing. Adult videos tend to generate much more income than most of the methods mentioned on this list since it is usually as explicit as possible.


escort marketingThe safest and best option discussed so far is Escort Marketing. In Escort marketing, all your problems and worries which would normally range from getting a client, payment processes, getting a stable flow of clients, and practicing safe clientele relationships are properly taken care of by your escort agency.

Escort agencies ensure that the whole process runs smoothly from the beginning to the very end. With escort agencies, you get much more security of job, life, and cash compared to when you are a lone ranger.

Furthermore, the most successful escorts are those that are registered with an agency because just like any other regular job, it cannot be handled with a lackadaisical attitude as it needs to be done with strategy and tact.